D3.1 CM

  • Cable CPE, Data Modem, DOCSIS 3.1, 4xGE, SP440

    Cable CPE, Data Modem, DOCSIS 3.1, 4xGE, SP440

    The MoreLink’s SP440 is a DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem supporting 2×2 OFDM and 32×8 SC-QAM to deliver a powerful high-speed Internet experience.

    The SP440 is the perfect choice for cable operators who want to offer high-speed and economic broadband access to their customer base. It delivers speeds up to 4Gbps based on 4 Giga Ethernet ports over its DOCSIS interface. The SP440 allows MSOs to offer their customers various broadband applications such as telecommuting, HD, and UHD video on demand over IP connectivity to a small oce/home oce (SOHO), high-speed residential Internet access, interactive multimedia services, etc.

  • MoreLink Product Specification-SP445

    MoreLink Product Specification-SP445

    Features DOCSIS 3.1 Compliant; Backward compatible with DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS 3.0 Switchable Diplexer for upstream and downstream 2x 192 MHz OFDM Downstream reception capability 4096 QAM support 32x SC-QAM (Single-Carries QAM) Channel Downstream reception capability 1024 QAM support 16 of 32 Channels capable of enhanced de-interleaving for video support 2x 96 MHz OFDMA Upstream transmission capability 4096 QAM support 8x SC-QAM Channel upstream transmission capability 256 QAM suppor...