• Wi-Fi AP/STA module,fast roaming for industrial automation, SW221E

    Wi-Fi AP/STA module,fast roaming for industrial automation, SW221E

    The SW221E is a high-speed, dual-band wireless module, conforms IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac standards of various countries and features a wide input power supply (5 to 24 VDC), and can be configured as STA and AP mode by SW. The factory default settings are 5G 11n and STA mode.


  • ZigBee Gateway ZBG012

    ZigBee Gateway ZBG012

    The MoreLink’s ZBG012 is a smart home gateway (Gateway) device, which supports the smart home devices of mainstream manufacturers in the industry.

    In the network composed of smart home devices, the gateway ZBG012 acts as the control center, maintaining the topology of smart home network, managing the relationship between smart home devices, collecting, and processing the status information of smart home devices, reporting to the smart home platform, receiving the control commands from the smart home platform, and forwarding them to relevant devices.

  • Digital Step Attenuator , ATT-75-2

    Digital Step Attenuator , ATT-75-2

    MoreLink’s ATT-75-2, 1.3 GHz Digital Step Attenuator, is designed for HFC, CATV, Satellite, Fiber and Cable Modem fields. Convenient and fast attenuation setting, clear display of attenuation value, attenuation setting has memory function, simple and practical to use.