Digital Step Attenuator , ATT-75-2

Digital Step Attenuator , ATT-75-2

Short Description:

MoreLink’s ATT-75-2, 1.3 GHz Digital Step Attenuator, is designed for HFC, CATV, Satellite, Fiber and Cable Modem fields. Convenient and fast attenuation setting, clear display of attenuation value, attenuation setting has memory function, simple and practical to use.

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Technical Parameters

Frequency Range

5 ~ 1300 MHz

Max. Input Power

+ 55 dBmV (+115 dBuV)

Max. Attenuation

31 dB

Min. Attenuation Step

1 dB

Attenuation Error

< 1 dB

Attenuation Offset

< 3 dB

RF Interface

F Female

RF Input/Output Impedance

75 Ω

RF Input/Output Return Loss

> 9 dB

Coarse Attenuation

+/-10 dB

Fine Attenuation

+/- 1dB

Power Supply


Operating Temperature Range

-40 ~ +85°C


65*80 mm

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