A new factory will deploy Robot System based on 5G private network.

The continuous maturity of 5G private network will greatly promote the development of industrial Internet and move towards the industrial 4.0 era. The greatest value of 5G will also be demonstrated. The spirit of detailed industrial production and manufacturing, automatic and intelligent production process optimization, industrial ecology will be optimized from more dimensions, business form and asset form will be reconstructed, and enterprise 5G data asset ecology will be built.

5G Network provides low latency, high throughput network for Robot to realize precise control, real time feedback, and many more sensor information analyzation, such as voltage, current, temperature, video and other parameters.

MoreLink Provides full set of 5G system end to end, from 5G private 5GC, BBU, RRU to 5G CPE devices. Nowadays, our high performance 5G solution is deploying at a new factory, which will place a large amount quantities of Robots, such as Welding Collaborative Robot. The low latency is less than 10ms which is very important for robot real time control.


Post time: May-18-2022